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Bronze Age Handling Box


About the Project

The National Museum of Ireland would like to acknowledge the work of all those who contributed so much of their time, energy and expertise in the development of the Bronze Age Handling Box online resource. The Museum would like to thank, in particular, the members of the Working Group below for their expertise, creative thinking and generosity in making this online resource possible.

Working Group:

Lorraine Comer, Chair of Working Group and Project Manager, Head of Education, National Museum of Ireland
Siobhan Pierce, Education & Outreach Officer, National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology & Natural History
Alissa Fitzsimons, Intern, Education Department, National Museum of Ireland
Bernadette McHugh, Director, Navan Education Centre
Brian Ruane, Lecturer in History Education and Citizenship Education, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra
Fionnuala Waldron, Dean of Education, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra
John Dredge, Associate for History, Professional Development Service for Teachers
Members of the Post Primary Cultural and Environmental Team, Professional Development Service for Teachers.

Special thanks to

Education and curatorial staff at the National Museum of Ireland for their continuing support and involvement throughout the development of this online resource, in particular Jennifer O’Mahony, Education Assistant at the Museum of Archaeology; Mary Cahill, Keeper of Irish Antiquities and Maeve Sikora, Curator of Irish Antiquities at the Museum of Archaeology and Neasa O’Shea Brady, intern at the Education Department of the National Museum.
Valerie Dowling, Senior Photographer, and her colleagues at the Photography Department, National Museum of Ireland.
Olivier Kazmierczak, Head of Digital Information Systems, National Museum of Ireland.
Navan Education Centre and the Education Centre Network in Ireland.
Padraig Clancy, Archaeologist.

Final design and production: Aad.

The Bronze Age Handling Box Resource Project was developed by: