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Bronze Age Handling Box

Bronze Age Handling Box

What is the Bronze Age
Handling Box

  • A Collection of Bronze Age Replica Objects and Raw Material.

    Listed below are high quality, hand-crafted replica objects and raw material found in the Bronze Age Handling Box. These were carefully selected to tell the story of Bronze Age Ireland:

    • Flint scraper, nodules and flakes
    • Replica Bronze Age axehead
    • Replica Bronze Age spearhead
    • Chunk of copper ore
    • Piece of amber and an amber necklace
    • Fragment of sheepskin
  • The Bronze Age Handling Box Resource Book

    The Handling Box is accompanied by a Resource Book. This Resource Book provides a pedagogical framework for using the Handling Box Resource in the classroom and in the Museum. It includes the following:

    • An overview of how the Bronze Age Handling Box Resource fits within the Irish Primary Curriculum and the Junior Cycle History syllabus.
    • Guidelines for good practice in the use of objects as sources in historical enquiry.
    • Approaches and strategies which can be adapted for use with a wide range of objects.
    • Guidelines for each object which include planning resources, teaching and learning activities and support resources.
  • Word Hoard Wall Chart

    A Word Hoard Wall Chart and accompanying flash cards have been developed as part of this resource. Click here for more information.

  • Board Game

    A Board Game has been developed as part of this Resource. The game centres around copper mining at Mount Gabriel and the journey of a Bronze Age man from his home to the mines to mine copper ore and from there to the sea to meet a boat trading in tin. Progress through the game is determined by the throw of a dice, by directions printed on the board and by the chance cards. All of the incidents named on the cards are informed by archaeological, anthropological, geological and zoological evidence of the period. The board itself helps to illustrate to the students the nature of the terrain and the flora and fauna in Ireland at this time. The Board Game and all required playing components can only be accessed when you order a Bronze Age Handling Box from your local Education Centre. Click here to book a Handling Box for your classroom.

Education Centres have a Bronze Age Handling Box which can go out on loan (subject to terms and conditions) to primary and post primary schools. Contact your local Education Centre for more information.

The Bronze Age Handling Box Resource Project was developed by: