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The 1916 Object Stories website has been developed as a key learning resource for teachers and students.

On this website, you can find ten key objects, including a short description of each object, a link to additional, related objects in the National Museum’s Easter Week and Historical collections and downloadable teachers’ notes for primary and post primary schools.

While most of these objects were on display in the 'Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising' exhibition which closed in 2020, you can still see some of these objects on display in the Soldiers & Chiefs exhibitions at the National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History.



Each of the ten key objects is accompanied by a two-page resource sheet for primary and post primary schools. These teachers’ notes have been specifically designed for you to use in the Museum and/or in the classroom. They highlight curriculum links and, using the approach of object based learning, make suggestions for discussion and activities related to the Museum objects. They also outline where you can find these key objects in the Museum.

This website is an ongoing project and further resources such as films, podcasts and activity sheets will be uploaded in the future.

You can share your students’ work, images and feedback on your Museum visit on the Responses page.



The National Museum’s collections cover history; decorative and applied arts; ethnography; folklife; archaeology; and natural history. They convey a rich and diverse tapestry of human experience. Providing diverse audiences with learning opportunities to engage with the collections is a key role of the Museum. To this end, the Education & Outreach Department has developed ‘1916 Object Stories’, focusing on the Easter Week and Historical collections at NMI – Decorative Arts & History, located at Collins Barracks. The National Museum of Ireland has four public sites: three in Dublin and one in County Mayo.

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