The National Museum of Ireland thanks the different stakeholders who took part in this microsite, most notably the following:


Lar Joye Assistant Keeper, Decorative Arts & History
Brenda Malone Curatorial Researcher, Decorative Arts & History
Madelyn Lugli Intern
Graham Harkness Editing and Presentation
“Biography of Women” Special thanks to Sinead McCoole, Joseph E.A. Connell Jnr, the Military Service Pension Collection, the Bureau of Military History and
The key to the group photography at the meeting of the Irish National Aid Association and Volunteer Dependents' fund, was developed by Kilmainham Tales Teo.
Background content courtesy of History Ireland

Concept and Development

Graham Harkness Online Microsite Software Development & Design
Olivier Kazmierczak Head of Information Systems, National Museum of Ireland, Project Sponsor and Manager
Based on original in-gallery interactive and online prototype from Centre Screen UK and Kissthefrog NL

Artefact Object Number

Museum artefacts appear in catalogues in the format - AA: YYYY.NNN. AA meaning a variety of 2 letters describing the prefix used to denote which collection the object belongs to.The Roll of Honour is prefixed by 'HE' denoting the Historic Easter Week Collection. YYYY referring to the year of acquisition (4 digits) and NNN which refers to the sequential number of acquisition.

The artefact number for the Roll of Honour is HE:1995.37